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About Us

About SKSarthi

"Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking leads to knowledge and knowledge makes you great."
-Dr. A.P.J. Kalam

We sincerely believe that innovation, passion and the right technique can make learning effective and fun. The numerous feats and triumphs of our organization attest to our commitment towards the overall development and welfare. Our team of experienced and dedicated staff and state of the art infrastructure aids the learners to fulfill their potential and cultivate talent in various activities.
Membership Fees: INR 500

Mission Statement:
To cater and understand the needs of Young India by fostering a spirit of inquiry, enabling livelihoods, encouraging innovations and creating good citizenships by Salvation through knowledge because Knowledge in its highest sense and purest form is Wisdom, Truth, and Realization.

Vision Statement:

To develop and emerge as a center of academic excellence aiming at the value-based holistic development of students equipped for global challenges.

Quality policy
The management of SK Sarthi is committed to impart a complete all-round Personality Development & Spoken English program of high academic excellence by providing :

  • Opportunities for self-development & awareness in academic, personal sphere and Awareness in academic , personal and ethical sphere.
  • The management is committed to continually improve the service quality through Training and retraining of educationists to enhance the competencies


"We become what we choose"

Personality development is fundamental need in today's world.
An effective personality transforms differences into discussions, quarrels into debates and fights into harmonious conversations. One’s morale and confidence automatically gets boosted by an effective personality development course. The person gets an edge over others in his or her field. He/ she develops a warm outlook towards people and life in general.


Interactive Online Courses

Our engaging and interactive online courses cater to the minds that have entered a new stage of growth and discovery.
As a part of our subscription, we let the students choose and watch videos from a wide collection of interesting courses providing a new way of looking at the same boring concepts and subjects are made easier to understand and grasp. It is the essence of a personality that stands out, as being one that is developed, because of the exuberance that is reflected by that personality, with or without saying anything.


English is the official language of 53 nations. That is many individuals to meet and address. By learning English, you will find out about different societies.Scarcely any encounters will influence you to develop as a man more than taking in the qualities, propensities and lifestyle in a culture that is unique in relation to yours. The significance of learning English in the global commercial centre can't be downplayed.
Learning english can truly transform your life. Good communication skills in english can expand your job opportunities and increase your ability to identify with individuals from a different culture and background than yours.


Upcoming Events

Catch Anand Kumar Live in his webinar on 'विपत्ति के छिपे अवसर - Opportunities Hidden in Adversity' where he will talk about his experience and how today he has reached where he is by facing difficulties head-on and laughing at impossibilities.

When? 4 PM, 9th May

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