When:4 PM, 9th May
How:30 Mins Talk; 15 Mins Q&A

An inspiring & motivational talk by Anand Kumar, the Real Hero of Super30

  • Learn about the principles Anand has followed to achieve heights in the face of difficulties and laughed at impossibilities
  • Conquer your weaknesses and walk on the path to become your best self
  • Learn how to stay focused in a world made up of distractions

About Webinar

  • Jaaniye Anand Kumar ke un siddhanto ke baare mei jinka paalan karke hi vo zindagi ki kahtinaio ka saamna kar uchaiyan haasil kar paye.
  • Seekhiye kaise apni kamzoriyo par vijay haasil karke har kshetra mei jeetna anishtit ho jata hai.
  • Jaaniye kaise is dhyaan bhatkaati duniya mei aap kendrit rehkar dridh anushasan se aage badh sakte hai

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